Mike Lowell

The third baseman for the Boston Red Sox. Since joining the Red Sox, he has been very consistent at the plate, while playing a pretty solid third base for a guy with an ailing hip. A couple years ago, Mikey had a great season. None of the signs said Lowell for MVP, or anything like that. 

They said resign Lowell. 
We would get him at any cost, a veteran presence, a great ballplayer, and I’m writing this because you don’t necessarily stick out in a crowd, but you are a great player, and your contract is worth every cent. People say trade him, and then go after Adrian Gonzalez, but honestly, Mike’s so consistent that I’d rather have him and Youkilis at the corners, than Gonzalez and Youkilis. Mike’s got one year remaining on his contract, and I hope it’s his best ever. I would love to see him retire as a Sox. So Mikey, if you leave next year, we will totally respect that, and you should receive a giant ovation next year, because you’ve been great. You might not go down in some people’s hearts as one of the top 5 Red Sox, but you’re right up there in mine.  

Gary Matthews Jr.

You might know this guy. His name Gary Matthews Jr. 

A couple years ago, he was signed by the Angels. 
This was one of the worst signings ever, at 5 years, and $50 million. The year before, Matthews batted .313. His highest average ever. His next best, .275. Next, .252. What was Tony Reagins thinking? Now Jr.’s “ridin’ the pine”, and at the season’s end, demanded a trade. He was asked whether he thought his contract would be an issue. 
He said no. 
Where can he go? Anywhere? And if not, do the Angels just ride out the rest of the contract, or release him? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Jason Bay

This guy needs to be signed now. 

Unfortunately, Bay says he wants to explore free-agency. This is bad. Despite all the people saying Bay is a sub-average defender, or the worst in the league is untrue. Listen to this. 
0 errors. 
Led the AL in outfield assists. 
I don’t know what you’re smoking but even pot smokers are making fun of you……. 
The question is, is Bay worth the $15 million a year? Of course. He held a batting average around .270, had over 100 RBI’s, batted over .500 with the bases loaded, hit 36 bombs, stole 20 bases, and was an on-base machine. This guy slumped through those couple months, but you know what? That team wasn’t doing very well. But when Bay starts clicking, these BoSox, can absolutely demolish pathetic pitching. (Ex. Orioles.) Do you think the Sox need to keep Bay, or not? Let’s hear your idea in the comments section.

Aroldis Chapman

You may have heard of him. 

His name is Aroldis Chapman. He’s 21 years old, is left-handed. His fastball can supposedly reach 102 MPH. Pretty impressive right? Well, here’s the other side. 
Chapman is asking for a major league contract. Okay, that’s not too bad right? Between $40- $60 million dollars. Why is there all this hype surrounding him? Not to mention that he has terrible control over anything he throws. Let’s say x=hits. What like maybe 60-70 hits? Just a guess. But here’s a little formula I’ve put together. 
x+37= WHIP (Walks and hits per inning pitched.) He has pitched 70 innings. That equals a terrificly high WHIP. (I got these stats from the World Baseball Classic.) Usually in the WBC, you see team’s prospects playing. 
He also sported a 3.98 ERA against prospects. If you can name one pitcher that’s succeeded   with one pitch, (besides Nolan Ryan, and Mariono Rivera) I’ll be shocked. He does throw other pitches. I think a slider, change-up, and curveball. All below average pitches. And once again, the WBC, is just prospects. 3.98 ERA. Hasn’t thrown a pitch in the majors, and he’s asking for a John Lackey, AJ Burnett contract.